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Gaurav Gupta, IAS

Principal Secretary, Department of IT BT,

Government of Karnataka


Karnataka has a conducive ecosystem that has contributed to the growth of Information Technology, Electronics manufacturing, Biotechnology, Animation and other knowledge-based industry in the State.

Success Stories

AAO Hostels: AAO Hostels is built upon a simple idea of backpacking and provides a sociable accommodation where travelers rent bunkers or beds in dormitories for a lesser price. Hostels ensure that travelers are able to find themselves at home no matter where they go and belong to a diverse community of like-minded people. AAO Hostels started with just one hostel in Koramangala 2 years ago. Being selected in the Idea2PoC and given Grant in aid, enabled them to grow their business and expand from one to hostel to now a chain of hostels. AAO is now identified as a brand for back-packers. The Startup is also catering to boosting Tourism in the State by way of providing easy and economical stays to tourists.

https://drive.google.com/open?id=0B1U-aPKNFP1daTNPQnE0dVVKRXc http://bangaloremirror.indiatimes.com/bangalore/others//articleshow/54644168.cms?

Dr.Live Software DrLive Software Pvt Ltd, a startup funded under Idea2PoC. It provides a software platform to implement on-demand tele-health and telemedicine programs on mobile devices with a concept of ‘not to wait for a doctor for consultation’. These programs have proven their value in a variety of healthcare specialties and settings for patient follow ups, 2nd opinions and primary healthcare. With the Grant in aid received under the Idea2PoC scheme, they have carried out the initial implementation of the telemedicine programs at two Primary Health Centres in Diggaun and Wadi villages in Chittapur Taluk, Kalaburgi district and emerging strong in the field of telemedicines in India. This in turn helps spread startup culture spread & generate employment across areas including Telemedicine.

FlippARFlippAR - one of the startups selected and funded in the Idea2PoC scheme, helps tourists unlock stories from monuments, statues and also help tourists lock back their stories to the monuments. Using the FlippAR app, visitors to Bangalore’s popular tourist spots such as Lal Bagh, Cubbon Park and MG Road can unlock stories from buildings, monuments and statues. One can also use FlippAR to tag one’s memories to real-world objects, whether it’s a t-shirt or a bottle of beer. Their product has got a good response from tourists visiting the places where they have put in their placards / billboards. Idea2PoC selection gave FlippAR the visibility in market and it is one of the debut Investments of West Indies cricketer Chris Gayle as a strategic investor, mentor and the brand ambassador. The Startup also contributes to fostering Tourism in the State.

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Edo9FrBSOXs https://lbb.in/bangalore/augmented-reality-cubbon-park-flippar-app/ http://www.livemint.com/Companies/KCpp22WvXvSPUBjSTYaZTK/Chris-Gayle-buys-stake-in-AR-startup-FlippAR.html

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  • “We would like to show gratitude to KITS and GOK for giving us the opportunity to present our company and our designs & services for the international audiences”

    Implaintaire Technologies

    Attended CeBIT 2016
  • “The Japan IT week delegation from the Government of Karnataka through KITS was conducted very smoothly and it was indeed a great platform to take our venture to next levels. We were able to meet buyers interested in our products and sign a few MoUs.
    I Whole heartedly thank the Department of IT and the entire team for providing us with this great opportunity to reach new markets and would love to participate in similar events in future.”

    Wafer Labs

    Attended Japan IT Week
  • “Karnataka state has the best ESDM policies among all states in India. There are various schemes such as K-ESDM and DIC which help new startups to speed up their go-to-market time and also support financially to compete globally. The KARSEMVEN fund also helps new startups to raise investment as for any new startup, particularly in the ESDM field, funding is critical for success due to high development and marketing costs involved”


  • “We are highly obliged to the Government of Karnataka for giving us this platform to present ourselves to a Global Audience and make the country proud by displaying the innovations. CeBIT provided us with an immense opportunity to network with business leaders in various domains ranging from Enterprise Security to IoT and other relevant technologies. Hearty thanks to KITS & GoK”


    Attended CeBIT 2016
  • “The exposure we got as to what global standards are was enlightening. Cultural exchange has allowed each one of us to grow personally. We are grateful to KITS, GoK for giving this wonderful opportunity”

    Absentia VR

    Attended CeBIT 2016