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Eligible startups may send in their completed forms to

Patent Incentives

I. Claim reimbursements on your patent filing cost here!

For Domestic Patents: The cost of filing and prosecution of patent application will be reimbursed to incubated startup companies upto a limit of Rs. 2 lakh per Indian patent awarded

For Foreign Patents: For foreign patents on a single subject matter, upto Rs. 10 lakh (Rs. 1 Million) will be reimbursed to incubated startups

The reimbursement will be done in 2 stages - 75% after the patent is filed and the balance 25% after the patent is granted

Guidelines       Apply

MARKETING Incentives

II. Take your idea to the world - Market your ideas with the help of Startup Karnataka's Marketing Support

30% of the actual marketing costs including travel incurred in international marketing through trade show participation will be reimbursed on submission of valid claims. This incentive will be subject to a maximum of Rs. 5 Lakhs per year per company

Guidelines       Apply

TAX Incentives

III. Avail Tax Benefits Now!

Service Tax paid by startups incubated in Government of Karnataka supported incubators and CIFs whose annual turnover does not exceed Rs. 50 Lakhs for the first three years will be reimbursed.

Guidelines       Apply

VAT/CST paid in Karnataka, upto a maximum of Rs. 50 Lakhs turnover by incubated startup companies within a period of first three years of being incubated will be reimbursed.

VAT/CST on goods supplied to the Incubator or incubated will be reimbursed

Guidelines       Apply