SpaceBasic built their first product in 2017, a mobile app to assist a charity student hostel for automating manual processes that were creating costly errors and wastage. Then then decided to take it to larger market, validated with over 200 university hostels to assess the opportunity.
SpaceBasic, Inc. is a women led start-up launched in March 2017 located in Bangalore and California.
SpaceBasic delivers interactive social networking platform for information sharing among students, parents, and hostel management. Over one year of being operational, this company has quickly expanded into a high growth, revenue-generating business with over 21,000+ users.
In addition to the above, with this platform, students from rural and tribal backgrounds have the same opportunities as that of students from privileged colleges.
SpaceBasic contributes in many ways towards social and economic development. SpaceBasic provides free software to charitable student hostels.
They invest 1% of the profits towards educating women each year. Gandhi said “Educate a man and you educate a person, educate a woman and you educate a family.” SpaceBasic carries this value as they continue to grow the company.
SpaceBasic won the Digital Women Awards 2018 at Bombay Stock Exchange in the Social Impact segment, this month.
Madhavi’s debut venture, SpaceBasic, was the outcome out of an innate desire to make life simpler for students. The effective, fast and simple application is dedicated to mobilising lightweight communication and tasks to connect University Management, Hostel Administration, Students and Parents – on a single platform.

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