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Success Stories

JK Nanosolutions

Sector: Cleantech/ Nano Technology

- Winner of ELEVATE under Elevate 100 - 2017

- Founded in 2017

- Bootstrapped INR 2,00,000 paid up capital; Raised Grant Fund of INR. 1.1 Crore

- Dev Tech Award from Govt. of India, DFID - UK and British High Commission, Tata Social Enterprise Challenge Award from IIM Calcutta (2018), Design Impact Award by Tata Trust and Titan Ltd (2018)

Next Big Innovation Labs

Sector: Healthcare and Bioprinting

- Winner of ELEVATE under Idea2PoC Call1 - 2017

- Founded in 2016

- Raised funds through Tata Trusts, Lockheed Martin, BIRAC, Merck

- Top Startup at Bio-Asia 2018, Member of the German Tech Entrepreneurship Centre, Top 10 startups in Merck's Accelerator Program

- Incubated at Bangalore Bio-innovation Centre

VV Finly Technology Pvt Ltd

Sector: Enterprise Software

- Winner of ELEVATE under Elevate 100 - 2017

- Founded in 2017

- Post Elevate raised a Pre-Series A funding from Social Capital: US based, Das42 Capital: Japan-India Fund, Al Nour Holdings, SCIN Pte Ltd, AngelList, Gemba Capital

- Awarded NASSCOM Emerge 50: Top 50 Products in India 2019, Top 20 Fintech Startups India, 2017 by Global IFTA, Most Innovative startup of Bengaluru, 2019 by Raintree, 20 Most Promising Startups 2018 by CIO Review India, 10 Best Emerging Fintech Startups 2018 by Insights Success.

Aptener Mechatronics Pvt Ltd

Sector: Two-wheeler Accessories/Consumer Electronics

- Winner of ELEVATE under Elevate 100 - 2017

- Founded in 2017

- 3.7 Crore raised from Angel Investors; INR 10 Crore raised from institutional investors (INR 5 Crore from KARSEMVEN, Govt of Karnataka Venture Funds and INR 5 Crore from Inventus India Capital Fund)

- BLU3 E20, has won the CES Innovation award in the in-vehicle safety and entertainment category

AADYAH Aerospace Pvt Ltd

Sector: Aerospace & Defence

- Winner of ELEVATE under Elevate 100 - 2017

- Founded in 2016

- Raised pre-series investment of Rs 13 crore ($2 million) within seven months since its launch.

Startup Karnataka Vision

To give wings to startups in the state through strategic investment & policy interventions by leveraging the robust innovation climate in Bengaluru.
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