Tranche Plan

1.Project Details & Account Details

Project Title:
Project Description:
No Lien Account Number:
Bank Name:

2.Tranche Plan 1

Duration(In Months):

Technical Milestones

#Milestone(s)Corresponding Milestone Completion DemonstrationDependencies

Financial Milestones

R&D/Capital Expenditure (In INR Lakhs):
Outsourcing (In INR Lakhs):
Salaries (In INR Lakhs):
Admin (In INR Lakhs):
Marketing (In INR Lakhs):
Total (In INR Lakhs):

3.Tranche Plan 2


4. Documents

No-Lien Account letter issued by the bank:
Company information sheet:
Authorization letter by directors:
Self declaration ( In case of Elevate - Unnati winner, you are required to upload cast certificate also in one single file which should be less than 1MB ):
MoA/AoA/ Partnership deed: